Airport Fashion: IOI Kim Sejeong’s Summer Style

20160811_kfashionista_ioi_kimsejeong3 20160811_kfashionista_ioi_kimsejeong2

At the end of July the rookie girl group I.O.I headed over to the United States to participate in the 2016 KCON in LA event. On August 1 the members returned home through Incheon International Airport. Kim Sejeong, who earned a spot in I.O.I by finishing in second place on Produce 101, could be seen casually dressed in a look that is literally perfect for the summer! Sejeong wore a Summer White Tee ($22) from Celebee which features a block of ‘SUMMER! SUMMER! SUMMER!’ text on the front. By the way, like other members of I.O.I, Sejeong is pulling double-duty as an idol. She is part of Jellyfish’s first girl group Gugudan, which debuted earlier this summer.


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