SNSD Tiffany’s Music Bank Commute Style

20160701_kfashionista_snsd_tiffany2 20160701_kfashionista_snsd_tiffany

On July 1, Tiffany could be seen commuting to KBS building to participate in Music Bank taping. This time, the singer is not performing as a SNSD member but as a member from project girl group UNNIES! The group consists of six ladies from KBS variety show Unnies’ Slam Dunk to fulfill one of the cast members’ dream, which is to become a girl group member. The group has released single titled “Shut Up” not long ago. For her commute style, Tiffany wore a Off Shoulder Shirt in Stripe ($163) from Recto. One thing special about the shirt was it could be wear as a skirt by tying both sleeves to the front.



( TopStarNews [1] ) 

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