Request: Taeyeon’s “Why” Sneakers


Requested by: __Imvgine

Everybody is getting excited for Taeyeon‘s impending solo comeback! We’ve already discovered a few different items that the SNSD leader wore in her teaser images, but one reader is curious about her shoes as well. Taeyeon can be seen wearing two different colors of the same style of high-top sneaker, and they are both from Korean brand D L’HARMONIE. In the tennis court shot, she wears an all white leather pair of ‘Adante’ Sneakers ($136) and in the skateboard one, she wears a forest green suede pair ($136).


Bonus find — Taeyeon also wears another pair of D L’HARMONIE ‘Andante’ Sneakers in the “Starlight” MV! This pair is white with black accents ($138).


(SM Entertainment [1]) 

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  • __Imvgine

    Ahh Thank you so much♥♥

  • lasanda salmon

    PLZZZZZZZZ I’M BEGGING do you know the name of the brand for the white boots Taeyeon wearing, when she skateboarding wearing that blue bomber jacket.

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