DIA’s “On The Road” Style

Girl group DIA is currently in the middle of promoting their latest single “On The Road” from their mini-album Happy Ending. The group features a slightly revamped line-up for this release, including Jung Chae Yeon who appeared on Produce 101, and is also a member of I.O.I. after placing 7th on the program. Her inclusion in this comeback has garnered increased attention for DIA.


l-r: Stripe Knit Maxi Dress – modified ($n/a), Half-Neck Sleeveless Top ($41), Stripe Knit Top ($162), Knit Bustier Top ($92), Tennis Dress ($118), Stripe Sleeveless Knit Dress – modified ($169), Long Tennis Dress – modified ($152)


For “On The Road”, the girls can be seen wearing many items from the current SJYP collection. Some of the dresses were modified to be shorter dresses or even tops. DIA has worn both available colorways of this collection, first at their Happy Ending showcase and later at a fanmeeting.

l-r: Knit Sleeveless Top ($109), Stripe Sleeveless Knit Dress ($169), Stripe Knit Top ($118), Tennis Dress ($118), Long Tennis Dress – modified ($152), Stripe Sleeveless Knit Dress – modified ($169), Denim Bustier ($84)

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