BTS’s “Fire” Yves Saint Laurent Fashion + Surprise

Since this video hit 15 million after the first week of release, we will just assume that you saw BTS‘s latest MV “Fire.” Apart from the catchy melody and the energetic choreography, the video’s fashion is something to look at, too!


Many of the garments you see the boys wearing in the different scenes are from Yves Saint Laurent‘s Spring 2016 Ready to wear. Scroll through the gallery to see the included items… Can you spot them in these MV screenshots? (Hint: you’ll see palms…lots of palms!)


However, not all garments come from the YSL house. And we bet that there’s one piece exactly who has got all the attention: Suga‘s shirt at first scene, in which he has a “flaming” handshake. So… enjoy our little extra surprise.

20160513_kfashionista_bts1 20160513_kfashionista_cavempt

Design block shirt by Cavempt ($181)

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