Jessi and Hyuna for Reebok

Get your sporty self ready for Reebok’s collection! The sports brand has just introduced its latest, striking line with the help of two equally striking ladies: 4minute‘s Hyuna and rapper Jessi.

Both girls uploaded a preview of what’s coming in their Instagram accounts. Prints in strong colors and tight fits are the main trends. The concept: mix and match. Look at the pictures below, and find out how to look awesome without breaking a sweat.


20160410_kfashionista_reebok3 20160410_kfashionista_reebok2 20160410_kfashionista_reebok4

Top bra ($34); green shorts ($56); sneakers ($103); sport essential dance hot short (check it out at Reebok’s American website, though not available for sale)


20160410_kfashionista_reebok 20160410_kfashionista_reebok5

Red tank top ($34); sport essential dance short bra (check it out at Reebok’s American website, though not available for sale)

Shop for the available items and, if anything’s missing, stay tuned for updates in the store. No matter which fitness activity you choose, no excuses to look shabby!

(Hyuna’s Instagram [1], Jessi’s Instagram [1]) 

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