F(x) for Vogue Korea

Ever wanted to know what happens at The Backstage? Vogue Korea takes us behind the scenes with a splendid photoshoot featuring pop group F(x). Amber, Luna, Krystal and Victoria posed for a dramatic, retro-cinema style pictorial wearing only the best of Korean and international fashion. The list of brands includes Miu Miu, Pushbutton, Gucci, Proenza Schouler, Balenciaga, MCM and Hèrmes.


Amber: jumpsuit by Pushbutton; Krystal: knit top by Kye; Luna: mini dress by Blugirl; Victoria: crop  top by Blumarine and skirt by Burberry.

You can watch the whole pictorial in the gallery below. See what happens in the corridors behind the stage and inside the dressing rooms: how subtle colors mix with shocking colors, and how black mixes with white. But, essentially, see this new elegant and more mature side of F(x).

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(Vogue Korea [1]) 

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