Nailtam2na Volume 2

Do you remember Nailtam2na (pronounced “nailtamina”)? Nailtam2na is, basically, the most prestigious and famous nail salon in Korea. It is the Mecca for idols who love nailart. Last time (you can read the article here), we introduced the salon and displayed three different concepts for three distinguished customers. This time, we collected the latest top 3 designs, created for these popular ladies.

Girls’ Generation‘s Tiffany 


Girls’ Generation’s Yoona


Sistar‘s Bora


No outfit is complete unless you have the best nailart to match it. As you can see, stones are still trendy, and versatile enough to match different styles. Want to see even more? The salon’s official Instragram account is full of incredible and stylish designs which prove that its artists really “nailed it.”

(nailtam2na’s instagram [1]) 

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