Victoria at the My New Sassy Girl Press Conference

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My Sassy Girl is one of Korea’s most beloved romantic comedy movies, and it was partly responsible for Jun Ji Hyun‘s rise to superstar status. Given the country’s nostalgia for the film, the announcement of a sequel over a decade later made many headlines. One of the original stars, Cha Tae Hyun was set to reprise his role, but he would have a new sassy girl this time around — f(x)‘s Victoria! Now that the Korean premiere of My New Sassy Girl (aka My Sassy Girl 2) is nearing, a press conference with the cast was held. Despite her nerves, Victoria looked lovely in an ensemble from Dolce & Gabbana. The Daisy Applique Blouse ($1095) and Daisy Embroidered Skirt ($1495) made for a perfectly refreshing look for Spring!

20160406_kfashionista_dolcegabbana 20160406_kfashionista_dolcegabbana2

(Star Daily News [1][2]) 

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