New Trend: Short style

It’s Spring time! The ideal season for transformation, Spring makes its way in with a lot of celebrities making big changes… hairstyle changes!

Ceci magazine puts it: “Even though long hair looks pretty, short hair has become really popular, and it is a nice experience for those who want a change.” This change, although drastic, looks pretty and fun. Find the courage you are lacking in the big stars that are already adopting this growing trend!


Kim Ji Won

“Her short style makes a natural ‘C curve’ at a length that makes her chin look pretty. She matches her style with a beret.”



“She discarded her see through bangs with a sharp cut at the jaw line, which she matched with full bangs instead. And her own ‘C curl’ adds some animation-style loveliness to her face.”


Han Ji Min

“With the air of a goddess, she opted for a more classical shape: natural style + no bangs.”



“With a thick ‘C curl’, she emphasizes her cute appearance. She plays with her new look by adding accessories, such as hats.”

Have you found your own style yet? Jump into the trend and add some fun to your own mane!

(Ceci Korea [1]) 

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