Who Wore It Better? Baekhyun vs. Jinhwan

The Diesel J-Birke bomber jacket has made more than one recent appearance on the KPop scene ($328). During a trip to the airport, EXO’s Baekhyun paired the piece with a simple black crewneck shirt and ripped black denim. At the Gaon Awards, iKON’s Jinhwan opted for a similar ensemble though a bit of extra glamour was added for the event. A pair of earrings and corresponding silver ring elevated the style.


In addition to the blue color selected for by both these artists, this jacket is also available in a faded maroon. Both versions are reversible with the blue having a black inside and the red featuring a blaze orange lining. Classic jersey trims and embroidered motifs complete the piece. Two eagles fly across the chest while one larger bird stretches its wings along the back amid the words “Wild Spirit.” Overall it makes for a very versatile look that can swing between casual days to more important occasions.

Though similar, Jinhwan and Baekhyun each brought their own flair to the clothing. Which did you prefer?

20160227_Kfashionista_EXO_Baekhyun 20160227_Kfashionista_iKON_Jinhwan

(Photo Credits as Marked) 

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