Get the Look: 4Minute’s “Hate” Style


4Minute’s latest music video for their new track “Hate” makes good use of the hip hop style with intense red and white outfits that contain slight variations for each new clip. This makes it an incredibly easy style to recreate for yourself with little additional shopping needed. Plus you are apt to look quite chic while remaining comfortably casual all day.

Within the video there are a few prominent versions that we will be looking at. Each is just a slight tweak on the previous, making it simple to mix and match each variation and create what works best for you.


First it is best to begin with the one item each outfit has in common: the boots. They look like your typical Timberlands although you could seek an off-brand version for less. Both men ($190) and women ($170) have color variations to select from. But ladies (or adventurous men with smaller feet) could even take it a step further to claim some sturdy heels ($130) or a wedge ($130) for added modification.

Moving on we can complete the base for the overall ensemble through use of baggy sweatpants and a sweatshirt. Of course there are many places you could go for these but a good standby is always a durable Nike pair ($45) of which there are still many options ($70 $53). Tapered legs will be easier to tuck into the boots but even ones without an elastic ankle can be folded into the desired effect. If you are interested in something lightweight with the warmer days of spring fast approaching, you can try the more high end Ralph Lauren option ($129 $90). And there is also my personal favorite for those who do not mind spending more ($182). Keep the top simple with a plain white crewneck sweatshirt ($40 $30).

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Of course there are a million places online or in stores to purchase bandannas at a plethora of different price points. Many of you likely already have some in your wardrobe. One place to try would be Levi’s ($14) or pick them up in bulk from Amazon ($11). This way you will have not only the red but also white along with a wide selection for color mixing.

Pair alongside red lipstick and gold hoop earrings to finish the look. Some black liquid eyeliner with a bit of extra shadow as the outer corner could compliment the appearance.


When it comes to jewelry you cannot forget to add embellishments wherever it works. Everyone in 4Minute dons a gold chain at one point, something you can find affordable options for in many places. However, if you are looking at high fashion options to add some special details then I will direct you toward Moschino ($483) or Yves Saint Laurent ($596) ($825).

Switch out the white sweatpants for some red ($40) if you prefer or select an alternate white tank top from Under Armour ($25). Though the latter is another piece you can likely pull from your existing wardrobe. Remember to keep it sporty. Much of this can be easily recreated without the need for any new purchases. But where you find things may be lacking, take the time to invest in the items you find most complimentary.

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