Yong Hwa for Vogue Korea

Heavy Petal. That is the title of Vogue‘s article featuring CNBlue‘s frontman, Jung Yong Hwa. The article gives an overview on Yong Hwa’s extense career, including musical projects with the band and on his own, acting, advertising and so on. The “Asia Star” (as the magazine calls him) is a young man who travels all around the continent for his activities, and yet he never shows signs of feeling tired!

The out-of-focus concept for the photoshoot shows CNBlue’s leader in a disciplined, but soft expression, entirely dressed in Gucci‘s latest ready-to-wear collection. This season, the Italian house proposes a classic flowery line with a retro twist. The garments, with a hint of hippie movement, are also abundant in checks and birds. Check out the gallery to see the complete pictorial and the details of Gucci’s 2016 fresh and elegant Spring collection for men.

(couch-kmichi.com [1], gucci.com [1]) 

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