Winner Seungyoon’s Instagram Style

Winner’s Kang Seungyoon always keeps his instagram updated with sneak peeks, everyday excitement, casual fashion, and plenty of sneaker photos. These past few weeks have, of course, been no exception! A pair of Raf Simons sneakers made an eye catching appearance, their stripes creating an odd coordination between the carpet under Seungyoon’s feet.


Black calf leather is the primary material used to form a rounded toe and the laced front beneath two candy cane striped straps. Each red and ivory strap is secured by a silver buckle fastening. Thick rubber soles with aggressive tread are made courtesy of Gumlite and Vibram, creating an more functional piece rather than merely fashion friendly. Overall durability and quality are very high in this footwear.

They are going fast and are already sold out of many online retailers, meaning you will have to move quickly if you are looking to secure a pair ($372).



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