Taemin’s “Press Your Number” Style


If you somehow missed Taemin’s comeback (then what are you doing, you really should watch it!) be sure to catch his “Press Your Number” MV along with the rest of his new works. Many of the pieces he wore throughout were borderline hipster grunge but of course with that special KPop flair for heightened fashion we all revere.

One particular overshirt was extra eye-catching for it strangely thrown together look. Four different flannels are combined without even lining up along the bottom. Each panel appears as though it were simply cut away from its own shirt before being quickly added to make something new for Taemin to add to his attire.


But we are smarter than that! We know this was no mere last minute bit of work by over-eager stylists at SM Entertainment. Rather it is widely available to the public from Joegush as part of the Fall/Winter 2015 line ($136).

Their aim in constructing this shirt was to produce a sense of differentiation between diverse textures, lengths, and pattern. This is something they have certainly succeeded with. It is a rough type of ready-made clothing with an almost vintage feel. Somehow the difficult balance makes it work in a way that is simultaneously comfortable and cool. It is not lacking in any creative area.

“We hope you see what we are seeing,” is not only a brand motto but applies directly to every thought provoking item of clothing. Though things may seem slightly off with one look, a deeper consideration could give you a new piece to fall in love with.


(SM Entertainment) 

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  • Lea Lu

    I especially love the red outfit (suit and white ruffle shirt)… I’m still searching for something similar. >_<

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