EXO Lay’s Airport Style


EXO Lay’s recent arrival at Incheon Airport brought with it a splash of sunshine as bright as his personality to go alongside the typically subdued colors we are more used to seeing. The rest of the ensemble is put together using rich blacks in a manner that highlights the contrast in each piece. Simple sneakers, cap, and pants keep the look casual but still playful.

20160227_Kfashionista_EXO_Lay3 20160227_Kfashionista_EXO_Lay5

Made of wool, the Raf Simons yellow sweater utilizes an intarsia design. This technique involves decorating the sweater’s surface with inlaid patterns (typically a wool mosaic) rather than building up through embroidery or other methods. It is a fairly common approach to including any art form in fashion designs and has been in use for hundreds of years.

The garment has a moderately sized bird flying upwards. It is created in a simple enough form that it appears almost as an abstract pattern at first glance. But with a tail tucked down and two wings ready for flight, it is certainly a stunningly creative though modernist twist on traditionally detailed designs.

Already sold out from many online retailers, you will have to move quickly if you wish to secure this sweater for your own wardrobe ($519).


20160227_Kfashionista_RafSimons_sweater220160227_Kfashionista_RafSimons_sweater  20160227_Kfashionista_RafSimons_sweater4

(Photo Credits as Marked) 

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