GFriend Yerin & SinB’s MC Style


On the February 23 episode of The Show, regular MC Zhoumi was absent, but the show’s other MC — GFriend‘s Yerin — was not left alone! To help with hosting duties, she was joined by her groupmate SinB, as well as Super Junior‘s Kangin. While serving as MCs Yerin and SinB could be seen wearing similar outfits in different colorways. They both wore Pin & Heart Sweatshirts from the newly-launched Korean brand EYEYE, with Yerin in blue ($121) and SinB in white ($121). The tops were paired with blue and pink tennis skirts, a signature fashion item for the ladies of Gfriend!

20160223_kfashionista_eyeye 20160223_kfashionista_eyeye2

(SBS E! [1]) 

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