Request : Kim So Yeon’s & Han Ye Seul’s Plaid Style

Requested by : JustMy2Cents2010

Korean celebrities usually get sponsored items from a variety of Korean brands when they appear on television or attending events. Therefore, you would not be surprised when you see multiple celebrities sporting the same outfits on different occasions. One of our reader has noticed that actress Kim So Yeon and Han Ye Seul have worn the same items on different television programs, and was curious to find out more about the outfits. The ensemble in question is from Dahong, which comprises of sleeveless top in plaid style and a matching skirt with ruffle details at the bottom.

Kim So Yeon wore this outfit on one episode of We Got Married that features the surprise birthday celebration she prepared for Kwak Si Yang, her virtual husband. She paired the pieces with a white turtleneck top underneath.

Han Ye Seul could be seen wearing the same pieces in her recent drama Madame Antoine. Unlike Kim So Yeon who paired the outfit with a plain turtle neck top, she opts for a long sleeve sweater with polka dots details.

20160220_kfashionista_dahong 20160220_kfashionista_dahong2



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