Winner for W Korea – Feb 2016 Issue

In the lead-up to Winner’s 2016 comeback the group has been featured in the February issue of W Korea. Each member displays a twist on their original styles, appearing more mature under shadowed lighting and bright backdrops. It is in true W magazine style.

An interview with the members presented them with the opportunity to discuss their feelings so close to their newest release. After almost a year and a half, there is sure to have been much time for preparation. They conveyed their nerves, the additional study of the craft, experimentation with diverse music types, and their continued work toward establishing Winner’s true color and style.


During the shoot, Jinwoo shows off a Dries Van Noten jacket from the Spring/Summer 2016 Men’s Collection. Its bright gold metallic material is extremely eye-catching complete with an image of the ever-iconic Marily Monroe splashed across its front. Similar pieces can be viewed at the complete collection (here).


Jinwoo also wore a Maison Margiela crewneck sweater ($1455 $720 or $1455). Made primarily from metallic fiber and a pinch of wool, this piece continues the theme of more shiny pieces with a hint of eye-catching sparkle. The ensemble certainly makes a adventurous statement.


Mino sported a Gucci velvet corduroy jacket ($4980) alongside Seunghoon in a rabbit sweater from the Prada Spring/Summer 2016 Men’s collection (here).


Seunghoon continued the Prada theme with more pieces from the Spring/Summer 2016 Men’s Collection. Jacket, orange striped shirt, and the fabric laced derby shoe with red rabbits all owe their origins to the same runway show.

Mino’s takes a leaf out of Seunghoon’s book, as he also wears a Prada jacket from the very same collection. It seems their stylists were huge fans of the Italian luxury fashion house, just as we are.


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