SHINee Key’s “Sing Your Song” Style

Despite being initially released in October of last year, SHINee’s 12th Japanese single release “Sing Your Song” maintains a casual quality that keeps you coming back for a bit of relaxation and comfort. Throughout the music video each member takes some time to daydream, play instruments, and of course sing. Particularly in the cool winter months it can be useful to have a few newer songs to give you those warm fuzzy feelings. With its catchy chorus, this is certainly one of them. But the music is not the only part of the MV to evoke such a reaction, Key’s Thanks 4 Nothing sweater will also do the trick.


Even though the song holds a nonchalant attitude, this particular sweater holds some extra meaning. The piece comes from the Christopher Shannon fall 2015 menswear collection. As a London designer who began his career in the early 2000s, Shannon has consistently held color-block streetwear designs at the forefront of his fashion. Traditional wear comes to be combined with more detailed influences that often include traditional embroidery or other additions.
His work is always thoughtful with much of this line being used to make a statement. In part, it is a political comment directed toward the economy, large supermarket chains, and the plastic bag tax. Yet the majority of the collection remains as more conventional sportswear using oversized and bold tropes. If you are interested in checking out more of his work you can find a great deal of information on his website.


20151213_Kfashionista_ChristopherShannon 20151213_Kfashionista_ChristopherShannon2


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