Request: 4minute Hyuna’s “Hate” Jacket

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Requested by: @yinvelvet

After the popularity of last year’s “Crazy”, 4minute has decided to stick with EDM-influenced tracks for their latest mini-album Act.7. This comeback had a lot of hype ahead of the release because the girls worked with one of the genre’s biggest names — Skrillex! The group’s single “Hate” does not disappoint, and now 4minute is in full promotional swing, performing the hot track on weekly music programs. One reader was curious about a jacket that Hyuna can be seen wearing in both live performances and the “Hate” MV. The blue and red stadium jacket features intricate koi embroidery on the shoulders. The item is from the Spring/Summer 2016 R. Shemiste collection, but it is not yet available for sale in their online shop.


(KStyle Report [1]) 

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  • ❥鹿晗

    thank you so much!

  • Kelly Chung

    Does it have the silver & black one ?? Cuz i saw it on her champion show eps.172 . Really love that colour more !!~~

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