Kim So Hyun & EXO D.O for Vogue February 2016

EXO‘s resident actor D.O and popular teen actress Kim So Hyun star together in the upcoming Korean film Pure Love (aka Unforgettable) which tells the story of first loves and friendships from 23 years in the past. The pair appear in the latest issue of Vogue to promote the film. This photo shoot has a vintage feel that goes even further in the past than the movie! D.O and Kim So Hyun are styled mostly in Gucci and Prada which often have retro-styled collections. The pictorial set featured period furniture, piles of Persian rugs and stacks of old books that added charm to the fashion. Check out the details of their Vogue photo shoot!


Kim So Hyun – Shinjeo Beret, Valentino Embroidered Dress, Jealousy Necklace, Tani by Minetani Necklace; D.O – Shinjeo Beret, Gucci Embroidered Jacket, Prada Uomo T-shirt


D.O – Steve J & Yoni P Embroidered Denim Coat ($330), COS Jacket, COS Khaki Shorts, Andersson Bell Knit Top, Gucci Striped Socks ($85), Gucci Leather Lace Up Bee Web Dress Shoes ($850)


Kim So Hyun – Gucci Two-Tone Ruffle Blouse ($1400), Gucci Boucle-Tweed Jacket ($2800), Gucci Tweed Skirt ($990), Gucci Gold ‘Marmont’ Pumps ($870), Bottega Veneta Bracelet

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D.O – Prada Uomo Striped Sweater, Prada Uomo Striped Shirt, Prada Uomo Slacks, Projekt Produkt Glasses ($235), Burberry Prorsum ‘Lewis’ Suede Loafers ($699)


D.O – Gucci Suede Coat ($5380), Gucci Ruffled Shirt, Gucci Checked Flare Pants ($690), Gucci Leather Lace Up Bee Web Dress Shoes ($850), Kimseoryong Knit Beret; Kim So Hyun – Gucci Antique Print Top ($1350), Gucci Gold Pleated Skirt ($1700), Gucci Pumps, Jewel County Romantic Crystal & Ball Necklace ($24)


Kim So Hyun – Gucci Mink-Trim Wool Toggle Coat ($5700), J W Anderson Blouse, H&M Skirt ($40), Gucci Rings ($340), Tani by Minetani Ring, Swarovski Ring, Bottega Veneta Oxidised-Silver Intrecciato Ring ($350)


D.O – Gucci Velvet Corduroy Patchwork Jacket ($n/a), Gucci Silk Shirt, Gucci Wool Trousers ($1100), Gucci Fur-Trim ‘Princetown’ Slippers ($995)


D.O – Gucci Plaid Rain Coat ($n/a), Gucci Penny-Collar Oxford Shirt ($500), Gucci Wool Trousers ($1100), Gucci Leather Lace Up Bee Web Dress Shoes ($850), Kimseoryong Knit Beret; Kim So Hyun – Gucci Ribbon-Detail Ruffled Jacket ($2100), Gucci Pleated Skirt ($1250), Gucci Gold ‘Marmont’ Pumps ($870)

D.O and Kim So Hyun’s Items for Vogue

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