EXO Suho’s Style from a Galaxy Far Far Away

20160129_Kfashionista_EXO_SuhoIt is always interesting to learn more about the interests of Kpop idols. Sometimes they can be just as quirky or nerdy as the fans that follow their work. EXO is no exception, with leader Suho (among many other members) showing an interest in Star Wars even before beginning promotional activities for “Lightsaber” in accordance with the new movie release.

Suho’s recent airport fashion reminds us of his liking for the films and of the group’s current involvement with the ever expanding franchise. His gray logo hoodie was created by New Era to go along with the release of The Force Awakens. ($82 $68)

20160129_Kfashionista_New Era 20160129_Kfashionista_New Era2 20160129_Kfashionista_New Era3

(Photo Credit as Marked) 

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