Request: Running Man’s Star Style

Requested by: shiningcat


On the most recent episode of Running Man, the members played the role of heirs as they battled to claim the most territory in a luxurious mansion. One reader was curious about the star sweatshirts seen on the members during games such as the opening name tag race. These shirts are actually part of a collaboration between Korean brand CASH and Running Man! The shirts are the Twinkle Star MTM Sweatshirts ($82) from this collection.


Other items from the CASH X Running Man line were seen on this episode as well. The members and guest Lim Ji Yeon kept warm in Star Jumpers ($248), a long varsity style jacket with a star patch on the chest. Song Ji Hyo wore a slightly different style, the Play The Star Jumper ($298), which features the addition of #PLAY, THE and STAR lettering.

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  • Lilly Paige

    Great find!

  • melon

    where i can buy?


    Hi Kfashionista, do you know what cap Song Ji Hyo wore during Running Man Dubai special episode 266?

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