Wonder Girls Yubin for Dazed January 2016


Wonder Girls rapper Yubin recently gained public interest with her appearance on Unpretty Rapstar 2. Since then, Yubin has been showing up in a number of photo shoots, including one for Dazed Korea. In that particular shoot, the idol was was whisked away to the streets of Milan for a pictorial that is a little bit urban with a high fashion twist. Yubin was styled in several items from Dsquared2‘s upcoming Spring 2016 collection, as well as tons of accessories from Vedi Vero and PLAYNOMORE. Check out the details on Yubin’s street chic style.


Dsquared2 Beaded Crop Top, Dsquared Green Fur Jacket, Dsquared Tie-Dyed Denim ($585), Dsquared Shell Sandals

20160112_kfashionista_wondergirls_yubin3 20160112_kfashionista_wondergirls_yubin12

Steve J & Yoni P Bomber Jacket ($390), NAIN Denim Shirt, Isabel Marant Print Pants, PLAYNOMORE Shy Family Tote ($365), Cole Haan ‘Smithson’ Suede Booties ($278 $140)


Sacai Hooded Knit Vest ($600), Neil Barrett Ribbed Knit Sweater ($1064 $745), PLAYNOMORE Ring Set, Vedi Vero Sunglasses

20160112_kfashionista_wondergirls_yubin5 20160112_kfashionista_wondergirls_yubin6

Coming Step X Kung Fu Panda Beaded Shirt Collar ($93), Coming Step X Kung Fu Panda Sweatshirt, Vedi Vero Sunglasses

20160112_kfashionista_wondergirls_yubin7 20160112_kfashionista_wondergirls_yubin13

Kai Aakmann Mustang Jacket ($255), Neil Barrett Sweater, NAIN Fringe Skirt ($39)


Opening Ceremony Varsity Jacket ($608 $426), Siwy Leopard Print Denim, PLAYNOMORE Winky Girl Bag ($191), Vedi Vero Sunglasses


Neil Barrett Leather Jacket, Rick Owens Skirt ($579), Vedi Vero Sunglasses, Vedi Vero Clutch


Coming Step X Kung Fu Panda Knit Stadium Jacket ($244), Coming Step Flared Skirt ($67), Suecomma Bonnie Thigh High Boots ($424), PLAYNOMORE Shy Girl Bag ($167), Vedi Vero Sunglasses


Dsquared2 Neoprene Dress, Dsquared Sunglasses

Yubin’s Items from Dazed Korea

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