Latest Nail Art by Nailtam2na

Have you ever heard about nail salon Nailtam2na? If you haven’t, then take note!

We all want to style our nails like our favorite idols. Nailtam2na (pronounced “nailtamina”) is the place to make that wish come true. Many well-known celebrities attend this salon, located in Gangnam, Seoul, to get their nails done. Thousands of different designs are created here to comply with every style and occasion. Are you wondering which ladies does the list of customers include? The following pictures are this week’s top three!




Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon


Girls’ Generation‘s Tiffany

As you can see, whether you like your nails shiny, sober, decorated or just French, Nailtam2na is certainly our source of inspiration. And, if you are near Seoul, why not get yourself some nice nail art?

(nailtam2na Instagram [1]) 

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