Request: Twice Mina’s Dress

Requested by: APM

The competition program Sixteen was used to form JYP‘s latest girl group Twice. This method definitely helped build interest in the rookie group, and now that they have debuted, readers are continually interested in what the members are wearing! One of the latest requests from our readers is for a dress worn by Mina for a performance of their track “Like OOH-AHH”. Part of the look is made up of a 3sum by James Jeans Flounce Dress ($231) which was paired with a separate cut-out shoulder blouse.


(Photo Credits as Marked) 

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  • APM

    thank you for the help! need to make a korea trip soon!

  • unicorn

    Could you do Tzuyu’s stage outfits for Cheer Up and Touchdown? Thank you xD

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