4minute x New Era

Have you checked Hyuna‘s Instagram lately? If so, then you can make a guess on the topic. If you have not, then let us tell you the news. There is a new collaboration coming soon… 4minute x New Era. The Korean branch of the cap brand has just announced a limited capsule edition of the snapback model inspired by the popular girl group.


There are four different versions, each with a unique meaning: One with the 4minute logo embroidered in gold, and three with different logos designed by 4minute. All of them include a number 4 and the Korean flag’s trigrams on the back. New Era has also shared a documentary with the behind the scenes of the project, featuring the girls, which you can watch here.


4 GOLD ($80)


Timecode ($80)


IVM GOLD ($80)


TVL ($80)

We bet there is surely one cap that suits you. Just take your pick!

(Hyuna’s Instagram [1], kpopn.com [1]) 

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