Tablo and Haru’s Pictorial for Marie Claire


The November issue of Marie Claire portrayed Tablo and Haru in their familiar role as the quintessential father daughter duo. Together they showed off Black Yak’s Fall/Winter 2015 Collection while playing basketball, walking a dog, and taking a ride on a Haru sized skateboard.

Need more pictures? The entirety of their pictorial can be viewed in the slideshow below.

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Though these images hold a plethora of fashion to identify, here is just a sampling of their outfits. Check out the Black Yak site for more similar styles at Haru’s orange coat in the first photo ($232 $186) is paired with brown boots ($108 $50) and a little bit of camo underneath to makeup the sporty style. Tablo’s brown boots ($220 $209) have a similar appearance to Haru’s. Tablo’s jacket in the first slide is worn in the olive color ($344 $327) but is also available in black. Here we can start to see a trend toward fur collared puffy jackets. This may not have been a style I expected to make a comeback quite so soon, but it seems they can make anything look good. Haru’s red shoes ($108 $50) in the next slide are only a slight variation on her previous brown ones and they are coupled with more camo. These two finish up the remainder of their pictorial with blue shoes ($155 $86) and gray jacket ($389 369) for Tablo along with a pom pom hat ($34 $32) for Haru.

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If you feel that you could still use a bit more cuteness in your life then there is a  short making of video you can watch, complete with highlights of their exploits from the shoot.

(Marie Claire) 

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