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CL just released her latest dance performance music video for “Hello Bitches” as she continues her climb in the English music industry. I highly suggest taking a moment to watch the MV if you have not already. Though her style may not be the first aspect you notice, it has always been an integral part of what has made CL into the star she is today. Her prowess touches on a little bit of everything. She certainly is the baddest female, “not bad meaning bad but bad meaning good, you know.”


Now on to the clothing! CL and her backup dancers all wore a very similar style, with a few additional embellishments here and there. The primary staple for each ensemble was an oversized black bomber jacket. You can pick up for yourself from Opening Ceremony ($506) if you are interested in something with similar appliques and do not mind spending a bit extra. Or you could go with a simpler option from Adidas ($105) or Nike ($157). Make sure whichever you purchase has space to fit extra layers underneath while still feeling comfortable enough to allow for movement.

The jacket underneath needs to be more of a fitted biker jacket, such as this one from Michael Kors ($259). A leather version from H&M ($249 $149) could be more affordable and its material is in alignment with what is seen in the MV. An even less expensive version from Express ($118 $71) may be something you decide is right for you. There are many to choose from.

Use a simple black shirt to go underneath it all. A crop top from H&M ($25 $10) would work well but you could also don a plain black cotton tee you already have in your closet. Purchase this inexpensive one from H&M ($6) if you are looking for something new.

Small black shorts complete the main portion of this look. H&M sells black jean shorts that moderate the outfit and make it more comfortable for varying body types ($13). Go even shorter with a spandex blend from Lynley ($11) which are relatively high waisted and even have pockets. Feel even more daring? Try this alternative Lynley pleather version instead ($9).


Finish up with some black strappy heels of your choice. This relatively classic pair from Express ($88 $53) could work well. You may even choose to wear some tall Converse ($75) and emulate the later portion of CL’s music video.

Do not forget to add some fishnets. Though not quite the same as the look CL was sporting, wearing these tights from Hot Topic ($8 $6) could do the trick. Add extra bling wherever desired.

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Keep looking forward to December 2nd when CL will be performing her new music at the Mnet Asian Music Awards alongside many YG Entertainment stars and other talented artists.

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    The Opening Ceremony jacket you suggested isn’t even a bomber jacket but a varsity/letterman jacket. There’s a lot more choices from other brands, Zara sells one, just search MA1 jacket. Her motojacket underneath is a latex bodysuit not just a jacket.

  • *

    um that’s my generation’s style. why are they emulating it ?

  • Nora abu safiah


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