Request: Red Velvet Seulgi’s Halloween Style


Requested by: Samantha

SMTown’s annual Halloween bash was just held and this year 400 lucky fans even got to “attend” the event via the new Vyrl app! The rest of us still got to enjoy all of the clever costumes worn by our favorite SM idols, thanks to various official SNS sources. Some of the best were Onew‘s appropriate Colonel Sanders, Xiumin‘s creepy Chucky and Yuri & Yoona‘s cute Mickey & Minnie Mouse. One reader was curious about a jacket worn by Seulgi as part of her costume. The Red Velvet member dressed as the popular comic book character Harley Quinn — complete with pigtails and baseball bat! Seulgi’s jacket is from Korean brand Charm’s, but unfortunately it is from their Spring/Summer line and is now sold out.


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