Get the Look: SNSD Taeyeon’s Airport Style

Taeyeon has consistently shown us her excellent taste in fashion time and time again. It seems she has become a something of a recurring favorite here at Kfashionista too. But what is better than observing her accomplishments? Why, tailoring them to fit your own style of course!

Here we are going to take a look at Taeyeon’s recent airport apparel and suggest some adjustments which could help make it affordable while still giving you many options to choose from.

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First we will begin with the Juicy Couture Berber Wool Varsity Bomber ($268). A classic bomber jacket can be used in conjunction with such a wide range of outfits that I would definitely recommend adding one to your wardrobe. This wool version will help keep you a bit warmer in the coming months than a comparable cotton one. Their Juicy logo on the back even adds a bit of extra flare, while keeping with the previously established color tones.

A similar dress can be found at Banhala, the Sugar Cream Casual Wear ($31 $17). It is an inexpensive find and easy to match with quite a variety of other pieces. The relaxed nature of this dress lends itself most readily to summer wear but could also be employed in tandem with warmer layers to an endearing effect. Though Taeyeon opted for this second route, I am always a huge proponent of experimentation and believe it would be worth wearing well into next spring at the very least.

Leather boots, particularly taller ones with an excess of material, are always going to be pricey. Saint Laurent’s thigh high boots are no exception ($1495) with Opening Ceremony’s comparable ones being only marginally less expensive ($745). Frye continues to decrease the cost with their Mikaela Stretch ($578), although deciding to go with a shorter boot may be the answer to this conundrum. They also make a Celeste Artisan ($498), a Cece Seam ($388) if you are looking to try a wedge for more stability, and a Jackie Button ($418). While none of these are particularly attainable it is useful to watch sales, where often you can end up picking up a pair for considerably less.

Arguably the most eye-catching piece from the ensemble is Taeyeon’s purse. Mixing color with the toned down black and white combination is always a smart method for creating a compelling and overall impressive blend. In keeping with the green theme I would suggest one of three options: the DKNY quilted crossbody bag ($207 $115), Michael Kors Jet Set Travel crossbody bag in aqua saffiano leather ($128), or Michael Kors Jet Set crossbody bag in a lime green color if you are curious to try something a bit brighter ($148). If you would prefer to keep with the gold square design, you may want to try looking at a Biba clutch or crossbody bag instead. Each of their designs include a similar metal placard that is comparable to the original purse carried by Taeyeon. House of Fraser took over the brand a few years ago and it is well worth your time to peruse some of their varying creations if you are interested in what they have to offer.

Do not forget about the finishing touch and complete the full package with an extra subtle pop of color. Although there are many pink phone cases floating around on the web, I have pulled out one that seems particularly similar to Taeyeon’s. The iPhone 6s Plus Silicone Case in pink ($39) from Apple could be a nice addition to the final outfit but you may have to look elsewhere depending on what style phone you currently possess.

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