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Minho has been involved in works with Coach quite often in the past but it is nevertheless exciting whenever new material surfaces. Gentlemen’s Quarterly, known primarily as GQ, has given just that to fans. Prior to the release of these new photos, Minho’s last collaboration with Coach took place in Arena Homme+ and their September issue. If you managed to catch that release you may have noticed some similarities with Minho’s most recent work. Many of the clothing items being worn have been repeated in an attempt to continually showcase Coach’s Spring 2016 Collection.

Despite the close comparison between the two, this new pictorial still maintains a fresh look. One portion takes place outside in New York and it is always interesting to see Kpop idols making a mark outside of Korea. For many fans it seems as though this brings them a bit closer.


We begin with the Shearling Track Jacket ($2200) paired with the Rucksack in Sport Calf Leather ($695). The coat is alluring for their attempt to reinvent the style of a classic American varsity track jacket. Adding a soft exterior seems to give it a vastly altered look on the whole. Completing the piece with an extra pocket on the sleeve makes for another strange twist.

20151026_Kfashionista_Minho3 20151026_Kfashionista_Minho2

The same bag, though in another color, comes to be used repeatedly throughout the shoot. In the first image it is combined with the Leather c101 Low Top Sneaker ($225) and Shearling Baseball Jacket ($1400). Here the coat is once more hinting to a well-loved American pastime and staple. American baseball jackets possess a widely known and copied style, one which Coach opted to use as an insert for their new shearling take. In the image on the right we see something slightly different. The Military Wild Beast Utility Jacket ($895), Tompkins Combat Boot ($375), and Ringer Pocket Tee ($95) comprise another take on Coach’s new collection.

20151026_Kfashionista_Minho10 20151026_Kfashionista_Minho4

In colors saddle and military, the Shearling b3 Bomber Jacket ($1995) comes to be worn in the  final images we will be identifying from this pictorial. On the left Minho also wears the Shearling c201 Hightop Sneaker ($375) while on the right his stylists have opted for the Roll Neck Sweater ($495), Campus Backpack ($550), and Wild Beast c101 Sneaker ($225).

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