f(x) Krystal’s “4 Walls” MV Style


f(x) fans rejoice! The girl group has finally made their return as a four member unit with the new single “4 Walls” from the album of the same name. The house-style EDM track has a very dreamy vibe and the MV for “4 Walls” seamlessly matches the feel of the song. We see the girls in a trippy chain of entwined events that include a broken teacup, stumbling aimlessly through mossy woods and being submerged in water.


In the MV, Krystal can be seen wearing an Illustrated People Total Babe Polo Crop ($54 $27) both in the woods and underwater. The MV does show a new side of f(x), not only in terms of line-up, but also maturity. The group started the transition with “Red Light” and it has continued with their latest release. The concepts are not just colorful and trendy like we saw with previous singles, but stylized and contemporary.


Check out f(x)’s MV for “4 Walls”!

(SM Entertainment) 

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