Dance Practice Kigurumi Onesies (In Time for Halloween!)


You have probably noticed all the excellent animal onesies Kpop stars seem to wear. They look both comfortable and like something that would make a warm and easy Halloween costume. Anyone can pull off one of these! So if you like to do things last minute or just want one because they look like the perfect outfit to relax in, then you have come to the right place.

Maybe you remember when SHINee first wore these on Hello Baby. Or perhaps it was one of the many dance practice videos from NU’EST‘s “Sleep Talking,” AOA‘s “Like a Cat,” Block B‘s “Her,” Dalshabet‘s “Joker,” or ZE:A‘s “Watch Out!” that first caught your attention. There certainly are many others as well. But if you need a refresher or would just like a bit of procrastination then I recommend taking time to re-watch at least some of the many outstanding and playful videos.

While there are multiple variants you can select for yourself at, I have pulled out a few of the more popular ones (from other sites as well). It is useful to note that many of these can be found cheaper on ebay or other secondary sources but due to their quick turnover I have not provided any links here.

Beginning with the White Cat ($78) worn by every member of AOA, it is the most pricey of our list but still a classic. Both Zico and Onew opt for the cow ($69) while Jonghyun wears the Tiger ($69). Members of Dalshabet also picked these along with a Shark ($59 $43), Green Dinosaur ($69), and Panda ($69). Both Block B and Dalshabet have a member wearing the Pink Kangaroo ($59 $42). But the Pom Pom Purin ($70) seems to only be worn in the NU’EST dance practice video. ZE:A has similar tastes for the green dinosaur, cow, and tiger though with an added Chicken ($69).

Besides these options there are definitely many others, which I would encourage you to check out. You may just find one that suits you.

Happy Halloween!

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