Park Bo Young at Collective Invention Premiere


The new Korean film Collective Invention, also known as Mutant, has been receiving a lot of positive press after debuting last month at the Toronto International Film Festival. Collective Invention stars Lee Kwang Soo, Lee Chun Hee and Park Bo Young and is the story of a man who mutates into a “man-fish” as a side effect from an experimental drug. The comedy follows the man-fish from sudden fame to fall from grace. The domestic VIP premiere was recently held and actress Park Bo Young could be seen at this event in a Lucky Chouette Pleats Mini Dress ($290). The cute navy-colored frock features white frilled collar and cuffs as well as brass button embellishments on the left shoulder.

20151020_kfashionista_parkboyoung3 20151020_kfashionista_luckychouette

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