More Go Joon Hee “She Was Pretty” Fashion

We recently covered a wide variety of fashion items worn by actress Go Joon Hee for her role as Ha Ri in the drama She Was Pretty. This includes everything from pajamas to high-end fashion labels — but now we’ve got more! A style that Go Joon Hee is often seen wearing in the drama pairs blouses with tank dresses. Check out the details of three different examples of this style!


Paul & Joe Silk Blouse ($581 $232), Kimmy.J Denim Dress


Lucky Chouette Sailor Pleats Blouse ($237), Low Classic Suede Dress ($140)


Sandro ‘Constante’ Blouse ($410)


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  • Josephine

    Hi! Thanks for posting so many of Ha Ri’s fashion from this show! Can you also post some of Hye Jin’s fashion too? Particularly the stuff she wears when she starts to look more Most-esque! She wears a brown coat that I love in episode 10!

  • kikotaichou

    What about the fashion and accessories for the male actors? I want the bag that Choi Si Won was wearing in episode 9

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