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Requested by: Hamin Shin

Actress Go Joon Hee is currently appearing in the drama She Was Pretty alongside Hwang Jung Eum, Park Seo Joon and Super Junior‘s Siwon. She plays the role of Ha Ri, who is best friends with Hwang Jung Eum’s character Hye Jin. Ha Ri ends up impersonating Hye Jin at her bestie’s request, and ends up in a love triangle with Park Seo Joon. One reader requested we cover Go Joon Hee’s style from the drama, and with no specific ensemble requested, we’ll look at a variety of styles instead!

Since Hye Jin and Ha Ri are roommates, many scenes in this drama feature the pair chilling at home in their pjs. Go Joon Hee wears a wide selection of comfy pajamas, and even a dress repurposed as sleepwear!


Melt Deep Green PJ Shirt ($69)


Folieadeux Paradise Beach Half Robe ($126)


Lucky Chouette V Line Knit Dress ($303)


LOVLOV Cactus Print Robe ($164)

Ha Ri is a stylish gal. She is a hotelier, and it is obvious that she has a good salary based on her fashion choices — but not necessarily — drama wardrobes are notoriously unrealistic. Go Joon Hee sports some pricey labels in her role, such as Miu Miu, Moschino and KYE.


Miu Miu Pointelle-Paneled Striped Sweater, Miu Miu Houndstooth Tweed Mini-Skirt ($960), Miu Miu Animal Print Blouse


Love Moschino Tattoo Print Top ($445), NOONOOFINGERS Heart Tassel Earrings ($45)


KYE Fall 2015 Velvet Dress, Suecomma Bonnie White Mono Pop Pumps ($303)


Zadig & Voltaire Viva Bis Custo Blazer ($400)

Many of Ha Ri’s ensembles are made by the accessories. From pricey handbags to crystal embellished jewelry, Go Joon Hee sports it all! She wears a mix of global and domestic brands, from Stella McCartney to Vintage Hollywood.


AAN Lean Back Blouse ($172), Low Classic Leather Wrap Skirt ($146), Stella McCartney Heart Falabella Bag ($960), NOONOOFINGERS Heart Choker ($30)


Lucky Chouette Pleats Short Sweatshirt ($216), JDC pour Lucky Puckering Flight Jacket ($477), Trois Rois Sword Brooch ($83), Trois Rois Skull Brooches (Black, Pink, White – $65 ea.)


Paul & Joe Sister White May Striped Blouse ($169), Trois Rois Choker ($83)


StyleNanda Contrast Stitch Jacket (sold out), Joy Gryson Croc Bag ($687)


Moontan Khaki Blouse ($77), Jealousy Pearl & Crystal Drop Earrings ($19)


Vintage Hollywood Crystal Drop Earrings ($70)

Go Joon Hee’s items from She Was Pretty

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  • Kelsey Quan

    episode 9 go jun hee wears a pink chain dress, so pretty! where’s it from?

    • Rosie333


  • Emma Stone

    ep 11, when Hye Jin is talking to Hari how she is hiding her feeling towards seong joon…the black jacket! What jacket is it called?!

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