Suzy for Beanpole Accessories

Beanpole Accessories spokesmodel Suzy is featured in the brand’s latest ad campaign to show off the new Fall/Winter collection. Suzy is styled as a sophisticated young woman in contemporary fashions that highlight the season’s new bags. While the Spring line was all about bright colored pink and aqua bags, traditional autumn colors return for fall such as burgundy wine and warm chestnut brown. Suzy even had a hand in designing the label’s cute new ‘Bonnie’ bag! But we don’t care about just the bags — what about the rest of what Suzy is wearing? One ensemble from the shoot has been previously identified, but check out the details of a few more!

20150929_kfashionista_missa_suzy2 20150929_kfashionista_missa_suzy3

Theory ‘Calvino’ Dress ($495), Beanpole Pink ‘Joy’ Shoulder Bag ($367), Beanpole X Jennifer Newman Collaboration Wine Shoulder Bag ($322)


Band of Outsiders Pleated Mini-Dress ($565 $396)


Theory  ‘Serilana’ Top ($241), Theory ‘Miralo’ Skirt ($233), Beanpole Wine Medium ‘Heritage’ Bag ($412)

20150929_kfashionista_missa_suzy6 20150929_kfashionista_missa_suzy7

Theory ‘Shanrial’ Patchwork Mini-Skirt ($505), Beanpole Mini Crossbody ‘Bonnie’ Bag ($308)

20150929_kfashionista_missa_suzy8 20150929_kfashionista_missa_suzy9

Theory ‘Mitrana’ Trousers ($341), Beanpole ‘Jay’ Tote Bag ($322), Beanpole ‘Bonnie’ Bag ($375)

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