SECRET Hyosung’s Robot Style

Hyosung of SECRET is now adorning the pages of Sure Magazine’s September issue with an audacious combination of styles. She pulls off both diva and rockstar simultaneously to create a combination that is an oxymoron of mature and playful. Basically she is just gorgeous!


One standout piece from her various outfits comes from a brand you will recognize almost instantly. MCM is extremely well-known and easily identifiable for its signature styles. However this one takes a bit of a different turn. Following in the path of other designers making purses and bags into more distinctive shapes (or to look like specific items), MCM has come up with a tiny robot to carry your necessities. Both cute an endearing, who would not be willing to let him hold some of the smaller stuff?

The robot clutch is available not only in purple ($1295) but also black and silver. It comes with a strap that can be adjusted to your size or removed entirely depending on the desired look. While the inside may possess limited space, there is a fabric lining and MCM logo patch in leather.


Check out more photos from the shoot below.

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