Get The Look: Red Velvet’s “Dumb Dumb” Style

Red Velvet is back with their promotions for “Dumb Dumb,” bringing new and colorful fashion that is equally as flashy as their song. Though all of their outfits prove quite eye-catching, there is one in particular which will be easy to recreate for yourself. Both in their MV and on stage Red Velvet has taken to wearing bright polos, tights, and shorts along with additional accessories to pull off this simple look.


Their polo is the most straightforward place to start. Ralph Lauren’s logo is easily recognized due to their longstanding place in the fashion market since the brands founding in 1967. While their website hosts a wide range of styles for both men and women, the classic-fit polo seems the best option for this purpose. It is currently available in red ($90), sporting royal ($90), wild orchid ($90), extreme yellow ($90), bright papaya ($90), and many other colors depending on your personal taste. Remember to purchase a larger size than you would normally for that casual feel. Paint your initial on the back with black fabric paint if you are so inclined.

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In recreating the style to suit yourself it is important to remember that picking what makes you feel comfortable is essential. At this point we will start to move away from rigid branding to look at less expensive substitutes which will appear similar yet still serve your needs. Shorts are the next portion to explore. While it can be sufficiently difficult to locate the perfect denim I suggest sticking with a lighter wash. This will better compliment the colorful top, without clashing or distracting. Something with a bit of a higher waist will help give you room to tuck in a small portion of the larger shirt front, helping create a draped shape. Forever 21 has a variety of cheap options whether you prefer extra buttons ($18) or regular ($18).


Their shoes appear very similar to Steve Madden’s Orka Sandles ($80 $17). These combined with tights from American Apparel ($16), or Forever 21 if you are looking for purple ($6), should complete the bottom half. One leg can be cut, leaving just enough fabric so some color can peek out from beneath the short. Applying fray check might be a good idea for this part.

Do not forget the various hair options you have available. Leaving it down long is straightforward and easy, don the Ralph Lauren hat ($40), crimp it, or create Wendy’s double bun. Whichever method you opt to pursue will certainly add to the overall appearance.


Finish up with some red polish of your choice. If your nails tends to chip easily, OPI may be worth a try ($7). Snap bracelet optional ($5).

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