Red Velvet’s “Dumb Dumb” Stage Style

With their senior labelmate Girls’ Generation wrapping up promotions for “Lion Heart”, SM‘s youngest girl group Red Velvet has started appearing on weekly music programs to promote their latest single “Dumb Dumb” from the album The Red. The group even picked up their second win for the song on the latest episode of Show Champion! For the stage performance, the girls were decked out in casual pieces from Korean label DIM. E CRES. Their stylists replaced the logos on some of the items with the word DUMB to suit the song title.


Irene & Yeri - DIM. E CRES. Basic Crop Top (Sold Out), DIM. E CRES. Logo Pleated Skirt ($44).


Seulgi & Wendy – DIM. E CRES. Colored Set ($37)


Joy – DIM. E CRES. Colored T-shirt ($20), DIM. E CRES. Logo Pleated Skirt (Sold Out)

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  • erhiena

    i’m wondering about their white top and weird cutting jeans that short at the front, do you know where i can get their top?

  • hiami

    but why are they using socks with sandals :”D

    • yuli

      i always thought that kpop artist wear the ugliest shoes lol. especially the girls. like their outfits could be the cutest things ever, but then you look at their shoes and it’s like ew. haha.

    • gabby

      the models on the website are too so they were probably just basing it off of that

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