Request: G-Dragon & Taeyang’s Boots


Requested by: Mike Oranje, Sam

G-Dragon and Taeyang have recently been spotted wearing tan boots on several occasions, and these boots have garnered the interest of a few different readers! Both idols wore these boots during their appearance on Infinte Challenge this summer, and Taeyang was also seen wearing them when he accompanied WINNER‘s Mino on stage for a performance on Show Me The Money 4.

20150911_kfashionista_rothco 20150911_kfashionista_rothco2

These stylish combat boots are from military supply company Rothco. They both wore the G.I. Type Sierra Sole Tactical Boots, with Taeyang in a light tan pair ($73) and G-Dragon in a darker tan ($72). Other members of Big Bang were also seen wearing Rothco boots during an M Countdown stage in June.


(MBC [1], Mnet [1])


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  • dolan duk

    It’s actually more likely to be this one, Kanye was seen wearing this brand’s boots, and same with Shia

    • Kfashionista

      Entirely possible! I haven’t been able to get very clear close-up photos of their boots to know for sure. Thanks for the tip!

  • The TacoMan

    where did gdragon get his hat the one in the we like 2 party pic above? or any of the black hats he wears during concerts?

  • wiiandthekid

    What hat is GD wearing? and also what is the thing hanging from his hip?

  • bran

    do you think these are 8 inch or 10 inch?

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