Key’s Airport style


Shinee‘s Key is always news when it comes to fashion. The master of trends, Key was photographed today at Pudong Airport in Shanghai, in his way back to Korea, wearing a shirt and a sweatshirt by Beyondcloset. Beyondcloset is Korean designer Tae Yong Ko‘s personal brand.

The brand is characterized by its various trends: from preppy to marine -and there’s even a “Yoga dog” collection. The garments are classic and simple, yet stylish and trendy. You can read more about the concept and check out the what to expect this season on its website. The items seen in the picture are part of the Campaing label collection, and both are available at the brand’s e-store. Key does look like a classy high school student, doesn’t he?


Preppy logo collar shirt ($68); Preppy logo V neck sweatshirt ($63)


(Shinee Argentina [1]) 

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