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For the release of their first full length album The Red, girl group Red Velvet held a comeback showcase to promote the album and title track “Dumb Dumb”. Unfortunately, the girls garnered a few negative headlines after a netizen suggested that the outfits worn at the showcase were plagiarized from the Olympia Le Tan Spring 2015 collection. Slight differences in the designs were noted, such as the hemline of Irene‘s pink dress, and the lack of Olympia Le Tan’s monogram logo on Seulgi‘s striped blazer.

20150909_kfashionista_olympialetan_runway2 20150909_kfashionista_olympialetan_runway

To avoid controversy, representatives for SM stepped up to clarify the situation. It turns out the the items in question are genuine pieces purchased from Olympia Le Tan, but the stylists modified some of them — a common occurrence when ready-to-wear items are purchased for idol use. Irene’s dress had the hemline changed and the belt ditched. The logo on Seulgi’s jacket is actually a separate piece, a broach that is easily removed! She also went without the belt seen on the runway look. Additionally, Wendy‘s skirt was shortened.

Though Red Velvet was not actually sponsored by Olympia Le Tan, it isn’t the first time the girls have worn this quirky label. They wore a previous collection during their “Happiness” debut as well! Check out details on the items worn from Olympia Le Tan’s “We Don’t Need No Education” Spring 2015 Collection!


20150909_kfashionista_redvelvet_seulgi2 20150909_kfashionista_redvelvet_seulgi 

‘Skipton’ Blazer ($1645 $822), Striped Shorts (Sold Out)


·¹µåº§ºª ¾ÆÀ̸°, '°É±×·ì ÃÖ°­ ±Í¿ä¹Ì~' 20150909_kfashionista_redvelvet_irene2

Pink Short Dress (Sold Out)


20150909_kfashionista_redvelvet_yeri2 20150909_kfashionista_redvelvet_yeri

Wide Pencil Belt ($1335)


20150909_kfashionista_redvelvet_wendy2 20150909_kfashionista_redvelvet_wendy

Green Paper & Pen Print Blouse ($923 $323 for black version), Green Alphabet Print Skirt (Sold Out)


20150909_kfashionista_redvelvet_joy 20150909_kfashionista_redvelvet_joy2

Crepe Top with Pencil Embroidered Collar ($877 $614), Green Alphabet Jacket (Sold Out)

Olympia Le Tan Items

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    I love that collection from OLT. So nice and preppy.

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