Hyorin and Zico’s “Dark Panda” MV Style


Hyorin, Zico, and Palo Alto just released their new collaboration, with each member of the trio bringing their own individual style to “Dark Panda.” Though they all typically work in vastly different genres of music, their voices come together easily. It is teamwork that really makes this song shine.

In the original teaser photos Hyorin can be seen sporting pants from London based streetwear label Kokon to Zai. This brand is most commonly known as KTZ and was founded by Marjan Pejoski. Recently its graphics have been making a surge in Korean fashion, popping up in both music videos and stages. There are similar styles available at Kokontozai.com but for this specific pair you will have to head over to Selfridges ($217).


In the MV Hyorin dons a Gianni Mora cap which reads “I Think About You Sometimes”. This particular find is available in both black and white ($30).


Both the teaser photos and music video show Zico in a Raf Simons Sketch Print Shirt ($707). The well known logo can be seen on the left chest with an additional blue printed image beneath. This particular shirt is made from a cotton blend and has the classic collar, a curved hem, and button cuffs. It is also sold in various colors and prints.

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