Request: SNSD Taeyeon’s Fine Stage Style

Requested by: Carolin Köhler

SNSD has started a new round of comeback stages for their “Lion Heart” and “You Think” promotions. One reader was curious about a few items seen on Taeyeon during the groups “You Think” performance on Music Core. The singer could be seen wearing a white mesh top over a black bralette, both of which featured black trim with the words “IM FINE” printed on it. Both items can be found in black or white versions from the Korean shop Black Peach. The mesh top goes for about $20 and the bralette is only $12! Jackets of a similar design were also recently seen on 9muses during a “Hurt Locker” stage.

20150824_kfashionista_blackpeach 20150824_kfashionista_blackpeach2


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  • Carolin Köhler

    again thank you so much ! ♥

  • Tiara

    how can i purchase this from overseas tho :'( i dont live in korea

    • ireseul

      I was going to ask the same. The page is in Korean and I don’t understand ;;;;

  • Lilly Paige

    Ahh so happy i got this im fine top and i got it as a set and it came with a skirt so awesome cant wait to wear it! Although i didnt get it from black peach as i live in UK and even though i used a page translator it still wouldnt let me order. I think you can only order from black peach of you live in the eastern asia area :/ Shame because they have some awesome clothes but at least i managed to find the shirt elsewhere!

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