Tiffany and Bora for Cosmopolitan

One of K-pop’s most famous pair, best friends Tiffany and Bora, spoke in a short interview with Cosmopolitan magazine in which they talked about how they find time for each other in midst of their busy agendas and how they feel about each other. For the pictorial, they posed in matching outifts and in different “friendly” instances.

Save for Bora’s sneakers, the rest of the items are not available yet, but you can already catch a glimpse of the upcoming Winter collections by several brands. Find some inspiration and share it with your BFF!


 Tiffany and Bora: Complete outfits by Steve J and Yoni P.

 20150819_kfashionista_stevejyonip2 20150819_kfashionista_stevejyonip


Bora: Jacket by Beaker; Skirt by Faye Woo; sneakers by Namuhana ($170). 

Tiffany: Top and pants by Happening; shoes by Giuseppe Zanotti.



Tiffany and Bora: Shirts by Bottega Veneta; hats by Helen Kaminski.

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