SNSD’s “Lion Heart” MV Style


Girls’ Generation took a short break after “Party” promotions, but now they are back again with the release of the new MVs “Lion Heart” and “You Think”! For “Lion Heart” the group went for a bit of a vintage, retro feel and the results were fantastic! The funny MV shows each member encountering the very charming Lion, who arranges to meet them again later. The girls find out what a cad the Lion is when they all show up to meet him at the same time!

20150818_kfashionista_snsd_sooyoung 20150818_kfashionista_snsd_yuri 20150818_kfashionista_snsd_seohyun

The fashion in the MV is definitely a departure from their “Party” style — no crocheted tops and bikinis here! Instead, they opted for stylish, high-end pieces from designers like Dolce & Gabbana, Valentino and Gucci! Sooyoung, Seohyun and Yuri can all be seen wearing items with a feminine rose print which obviously came from the same collection — Dolce & Gabbana’s Fall 2o15 line! Sooyoung admired a portrait of herself while wearing a Sheer Bow Neck Blouse ($1245) and coordinating Rose Print Pencil Skirt ($818). Her Dolce & Gabbana ‘Sacred Heart’ clip-on earrings (sold out) were a perfect match! Seohyun and Yuri both wore rose print dresses from the collection, a black Fluted-Hem Sheath Dress ($2945) for Seohyun and a Long-Sleeved Silk Chiffon Dress for Yuri ($4995).


Though not in florals, Taeyeon‘s pieces with the vivid blue tile print are also from the popular designing pair. When she met up with the Lion she could be seen with a pretty ‘Majolica’ Scarf ($695) wrapped around her head, and gorgeous Gold-Plated Swarovski Crystal Clip Earrings ($1295) dangling from her ears. Both pieces were perfectly matched to her ‘Majolica’ Print Dress ($1052).

Wrapping up the Dolce & Gabbana was Yoona, who wore their Gold Rose & Charm Embellished Earrings ($1060) with an Embroidered Floral Laces Dress ($3062) for her train car encounter with the Lion. In the MV, Yoona also wore a pair of items from Chloe. The Pussy Bow Silk Blouse ($904) and burnt orange Button Embellished Trousers ($1103) combined with a cute hat for a look that felt reminiscent of the military or scouts — in the most stylish way!


Members in Valentino were Hyoyeon and Sunny. While daydreaming about her picnic date with the Lion, Hyoyeon wore a Botanical Embroidered Bib Front Dress ($7900) from the Italian designer’s lovely Fall 2015 collection. In the sweets shop, Sunny went for a completely different style from Hyoyeon’s. She wore a Lace and Wool Mini-Dress ($4290) with cute, flirty details like a collar and bow, scalloped edges and color-blocking. Her red-hued hair goes well with the pinks and reds in the dress.

20150818_kfashionista_snsd_sunny 20150818_kfashionista_snsd_hyoyeon

Finally, we have Tiffany and Sooyoung (again!), who both wore items from Gucci‘s Fall 2015 collection. When Sooyoung first met the Lion, she was painting a picture while wearing a funky Zig Zag Lurex Llise Dress ($5800). The metallic dress features pink fur cuffs, a blue Georgette bow and black floral brooch. Tiffany’s Gucci dress was a sky blue Sleeveless Ruffled Silk Dress ($4300) with equally unique details that include a fur-trimmed collar, bee-embroidered grosgrain bow and a black leather rose brooch.

20150818_kfashionista_snsd_sooyoung2 20150818_kfashionista_snsd_tiffany

SNSD’s “Lion Heart” MV Items

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    wow..I love their outfit so bad

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    Where can you find the headband Tiffany is wearing in this video?

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