Guess what has just been released? A brand new line of T-shirts by Taiwanese clothing brand STAYREAL, in collaboration with rock band CNBlue! The limited edition consists of four T-shirts inspired by Rock Music. They are available both for men and women. Check out the different versions below!

20150811_kfashionista_cnblue_yonghwa 20150814_kfashionista_stayreal4

Rocker Mousy T-shirt: A mix of Korean and psychedelic rock. ($36)

20150811_kfashionista_cnblue_jonghyun2 20150814_kfashionista_stayreal2

Jungle Guitar T-shirt: Inspired by electronic Rock music, to become a REAL Rockstar! ($36)

20150811_kfashionista_cnblue_jungshin 20150814_kfashionista_stayreal3

Black Humour T-shirt: For a bassit with personality, a T-shirt with a touch of street style. ($36)

20150811_kfashionista_cnblue_minhyuk 20150814_kfashionista_stayreal

Boyfriend T-shirt: For the glam rock gentleman, a realistic tie and suspeders print. ($36)

If you feel you just cannot have enough, watch the video for the CNBluexSTAYREAL campaign here. These four gentlemen look more handsome than ever thanks to STAYREAL, and are proof of what stylish rockstars should look like.

( [1], STAYREAL’s facebook [1]) 

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